On the road to Transformation

Monday, September 19, 2011

On the road to transformation…
Realization is the first step,
Raising voice is the second,
But there comes a point when mere blind-ended ‘discussions’ can lead a people to hopelessness,
Its now when we collectively need to take a step forward
The third step being that of ‘Action’;
For no caravan can reach its destination if it feels satisfied after taking only the first few steps!
‘Action’ with ‘discipline’ and a sense of ‘responsibility’ can turn a barren soil, with no prospect of bearing fruit, fertile. This fertility results only when labor is employed to till the soil properly, with every person using full potential of their position and role.

We need to adopt an analytical approach towards knowing what stage on the road to transformation we are at, both individually and socially, to secure what we dream to achieve.


Thinking said...

hmmm....yes...ACTION and hard work is what we need now...

Nice to see you again so soon....

Do continue....thanks !

Amiya chatterjee said...

Lets just dream thinking least about actions. But then DREAM also is action of superior kind . We are what we are because WE had Dreams.

Namrah Mahmood said...

Thank you Dear Thinking :)

Namrah Mahmood said...

Dreams if not pursued properly may become disastrous. One dream needs to get fulfilled before a person can look beyond another horizon!
Thanks for coming :)

CN said...
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CN said...

The way you lay out the process makes a perfect blending of not only analysis yet also of practices, choices and actions. I like the steps you recommend.

At the same time, I'm curious what you may concede is operating underneath the surface of this awareness, choices and actions?

Some possibilities may be: history - personal and collective; community - both personal, friendships, family, religious, national, etc. Then perhaps there's also intuition and surrender/submission.

I'm curious as to what may distinquish your own process and choices?

Thanx as always for such thoughtful/mature work.

By the way, if you speak to Urooj, plz find out if she will be a part of another inter-generational service effort for the suffering peoples of Sindh? If not, we want to support the effort of the Edhi foundation yet would rather support her group. (from Connie - oneheartforpeace.blogspot.com )
September 19, 2011 4:39 PM

Namrah Mahmood said...

Thanks dear Connie :)
As to your question,
I feel that History, Analysis of the social and political thought of the day, Literature, and Collective goals, all acts as a thrust at each step.
For an individual Faith and sense of Identity (based on the collective history) may be of a help to decide what action is suitable under some particular set of circumstances.

I would like u to share what u think about the topic. What according to u provides the basis for the decisions about the actions and their nature?

And I would let Urooj know of your offer.
Thanks again :)

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