Saturday, September 4, 2010

Studying Centripetal force and Circular motion in Physics class we started discussing the everyday importance of the phenomenon. As I could not come up with a unique and interesting example from everyday life that could fit in, the lecture started boring me, and the only escape I could find was looking out of the window of class-room. The scene was perfect, a cloudy sky with grassy play-ground in view.
But what were some little girls doing on the other side of the ground? I wondered.
Oh, they were playing Kikli.

A traditional game which is deeply rooted in the culture of Punjab, Kikli, involves mostly two or an even number of young girls, in which girls of each pair stands facing each other, holding each others hands with their arms crossed and the toes of their feet touching one another in the center. The girls then stretch their arms as much as possible, bend their backs and start whirling around, singing songs. The girls must keep their balance as they spin, and if anyone of them is unable to keep the balance, she looses the game.
The mere mention of this game recalls childhood memories to most of the females of sub-continent, but this time it proved to be a co-incidence for me, Circular motion and Kikli.
The example that I was looking for came to me, but this realization left me awe-struck for a while. This game is thriving in the culture of Punjab for many centuries and no one can be sure of its exact origin. Yet the matter was very clear to me. Just consider the minds who perceived the game for the first time. It is certain that those ancient ancestors had the knowledge about the scientific logic behind the phenomenon of Circular motion that if a moving body can not provide enough Centripetal Force required by it to continue to move in the circle, it moves away from the circle. Thus the rule of the game that the girls must keep their balance, and the one who ‘moves’ out of the circle looses could be established.
The interesting aspect of this finding is,
Who could make out while playing the game that one is imitating the motion of the big celestial objects?
Who could perceive that the game can be in a way a symbolism of the movement of the most basic elements of nature i-e photons?
And the point that bewilders me the most is that,
isn’t it possible that the masterminds of our ancestors put this game in our roots so that we can understand more deeply the concept of Evolution, by resisting all ‘external forces’ that can deviate one (symbolizing evil) from the ‘circular path’ of Life and keeping the toes ‘touching’ each other (exhibiting Unity) in the ‘center’ of that ‘Circle of Life’ is the only way that can bring ‘success’ to us.


Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

I think the evolutionary process is nothing but seeing the future in the distance clearer and clearer, according to Qur’an, man is created on best structure, so according to Qur’an evolution does not means improvement, it rather means experiencing differently.

Each thing goes in circle or a cycle and comes back to its origin, the circularly movement around khana-e-kaba by the pilgrims is a very interesting example of what you want to say.

Each post from you brings up incredible thoughtful material, and this space of yours is becoming such a delight to visit.

Namrah Mahmood said...

I completely agrees with your point of view on Evolution and would like to add just one thing, that its just the Realization of man's own Self, that is 'created on best structure' and is very Pure in itself. The process of Evolution starts as soon as the beauty of one's Self is captured by the lens of one's own eyes, and Heart and Soul becomes the focal point of of our Actions.

And truly the example of Circular Movement around Kaabah is a great symbolization of the aspect. In nearly all of the major rituals of Islam we can find Universal aspects and phenomenons reflected.

Thanks a lot for dropping by and its my pleasure that you like what i write here on this blog. Please keep coming, your presence is always encouraging.

Connie L. Nash said...

I also read thoroughly and delighted in this post as in your others. Your clarity in making these connections is quite phenomenal itself. Then the applications made in the comments add depth. I especially like your confidence and "early recognition" in adding the comment on Realization of one's own Self "captured by the lens of one's own eyes", the visually lovely graphics and metaphors making connections self to Self's aspects, Self to community ritual and all these more or less spiritual dynamics connected to science and living history.

Thank You for the beautiful efforts. Are you able to share some of this in your class?

Namrah Mahmood said...

Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating the post Connie.
I m really delighted to have companions like u here.
I personally believe be it science, literature or any other sector of the knowledge of Universe, it has connections with the Soul of any one individual and also with the soul of the whole Universe. All things finally gets nourished by the same fountain.
And i m really sorry for not being able to reply u earlier.
Hope this reply reaches u in good health. Take care.

Syeda Zehra said...

wOW.that's too cool .
You made a such a wonderful yet simple connection to the circular movement of the universe.
Great posts.

Namrah Mahmood said...

thanks a lot dear :)
and I m glad that u find the posts good. Thanks for dropping by!!

Health Point said...

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Health Point said...

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Sadia Behzad said...

Hello Namrah! I was pleased to read a fabulous and interesting literary piece from an young girl such as you ( I just came to know through a friend that you are a student ). I think there is a lot more in there in you... yearning to get expressed and be heard and read. Keep it unleashed! I think there is a lot more that I can learn from you. Keep up the good work!

Namrah Mahmood said...

Hey Sadia,
am so glad to know you, a person who have got really sensible taste of literature and loved post on ur blog!
Thanks for motivating and encouraging me. And there is lot that both of us can teach each other. Stay in touch...!

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