Cinema of 'Universal Love'

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love, with its universality, attired in simplicity can lead one to the highest points of Human capabilities and gives man a unique strength to fight against all odds, learning to sacrifice his desires for others …
This is something I learnt when I first got a chance to watch a Pakistani film.
For me, films are an attraction, not just for entertainment, but as a learning house too. A film can teach me something I missed out on books.
Pakistani films in their Classic Era have given us both, entertainment as well as awareness.
Higher human values, Love in its highest form residing in the heart of ordinary people and social norms based on love, equality and sacrifice thriving in a society were introduced to me by these films.
Making me conscious of my identity, these films boasted my morale, made me think high of myself, my nation and my cultural and religious distinctiveness; consequently acting as a social binding force and nurturing collective psyche of a nation with values of its past, problems of today, and prospects of tomorrow discussed in an easy-to-grasp way.
We need to get to that unconscious of the nation, learn from it and realize the nature of the tools which nourished it, before we may bring any reforms in our cine-world or society in general.


Thinking said...

hmmm...the film is the ideal medium to teach people...

I adore old Pakistani movies too...

Nice post !

Namrah Mahmood said...

Dear Thinking
I am glad that we share similar thoughts :)
Thanks for coming!

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