The Song Of A Pearl

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Me a pearl, you an ocean

Living together forever

In your heart is my abode

In my shine is your reflection

You sustain me, and nourish me

I am your pride, your honor

Your surging bottom spreads

The aurora of Love to my shell

Buried inside its crust I move

Responding to your call of Love

Crossing every frontier and limit

When this Love reaches you and me

Blind is the world that is unable to feel

The warmth it brings to you and me

They question, and argue and complain

I feel sorry for their doubtful souls

Those who are unable to

Appreciate the wonders of Love

Nature excludes them from

It’s Art of Creation

Dry remains in their souls

The seeds of Conception

The Universe desires to witness

The limits of God’s best creation

From the bond of Love, learn

Your aim, your goal, your destiny

And reveal unto the Worlds

Your boundless bounds…!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

This post is not a poem, just a voice of my heart... Please ignore any shortcomings related to poetic expression in it!
Dedicating to the Full Moon tonight!

Oh you, the brightest spot in the gloomy sky

How many mysteries in your bosom lie?

You have for countless centuries

Guided Man out of his miseries

Nature in your growth and disappearance put

The charms of its most precious assets

These secrets reached Man when

Desired the tides of Life to reach you

Who basked themselves in your Light

Got their Hearts enlightened with Love

Love made the sky gleam with Full Moon

When the clouds of confusion left the blue

Enlightening the night of your Love is your orbit

A symbol of Hope are you, oh Full Moon

All your secrets, confide in us and

Turn our motion like yours, oh Moon

We who look for the footsteps of our beloved

Teach us your way of Living, oh Moon


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let me introduce you to me and my doll. I am ten years old, and my doll is umm… perhaps five years old, although she does not seems so young!

She is a plastic doll, but no no… don’t think that she looks any different from me. In fact I put in every effort to make her look like myself. I knot her hairs just like my Mama ties mine. And dress her up like I would get dressed with the help of my Mama on any occasion. But there are some differences too. She can not move around or show any response to my words *sighs*.

My doll has got some friends too. All the girls who live in my neighborhood keep at least one plastic doll and all our dolls are very fond of each other. But there is one exception. My Sissy, who is ten years elder than me, do not keep any doll. Hymph…!

I can’t even think of living without my doll and you know what once I heard Sissy saying that even Mama keep two plastic dolls. I wonder…!

As is my nature whenever I get wind of a strange matter I get curious to know the reality. And now I had two peculiarities to deal with, Mama, Sissy and dolls.

Asking questions from Mama is a bit difficult, because she always gives a suspicious glance at me saying that ‘Oh, I never knew you can even speak! Day by day your curiosity and anxiety is increasing which is not a good sign. Let me fix you now,’ and I have to run from her in order to find refuge. Aah! But I sometimes wonder that why she says that my speaking out is alarming? As if I myself am a plastic doll. Huh!

So under these circumstances I can only consult my Sissy. Although she do not scold me like Mama does, but at times I am not able to grasp her answers!

Something is better than nothing, so I tried my luck with Sissy. Asking questions about her own attitude was a bit risky so I decided to start with the question I had about my Mama.

‘Hey how can you say that Mama keeps dolls? I never saw any!’

‘Try looking in the mirror. You will find them’

‘But there’s my doll that I always keep at the side of the mirror. I can’t see any other’

‘Not at the side, look IN the mirror, its there!’

‘I can only see myself there, no one else *gulp*’

‘You have my answer now’

This was unbearable to me. Am I a doll? A plastic doll? No no, that can not be true. I know how to speak, I know how to move around, I know so many things that any plastic doll can not do. Sissy really doesn’t know anything about dolls. I was really hurt and so to counter my Sissy’s response I put forward the question I had regarding her attitude.

‘When everyone keeps dolls, why are you so vain not to give any importance to such cute beings?’

‘Because I myself was a plastic doll once, who had to struggle hard to get freedom of choice and speech. I certainly can not entertain the idea of enslaving others.

‘How is this possible? You and a plastic doll?’

‘Yes, and let me tell you, the dear doll of Mama, even you are one such plastic doll.’

‘Me? That’s cruel of you to say so.’

‘No my dear little kiddo, you won’t understand all this, you can not until the day you yourself decides to put that fake smile off your face, and dress up and make your hair-do according to your own choice. Until then you are a plastic doll who is nicely kept at the side of a mirror. And those of us who never decides to get them off the shelf where we are kept lives a life of plastic dolls which are in the hands of others, who can play with us in whatever manner they want to.’

I looked at the plastic doll which I always keep near the mirror. She smiled. Her smile and the shine in her eyes seemed so bitter to me and in a while the walls of the room turned plastic, the windows shrank and me and Sissy looked like two beautiful plastic dolls living together in a nicely kept doll house. The master of the doll house could be heard, busy doing her house-hold chores.

A Tale...!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Knowledge has a stock of many exciting stories… But today I have come up with the tale of Knowledge itself… The Story of Man and Knowledge.

Man and Knowledge are old acquaintances. Angels bowed down before Adam because Man had Knowledge of the things they knew not.

Knowledge has two offspring; Teaching and Learning. Both Teaching and Learning grows in the laps of Knowledge and help Man in his search for it.

After Adam came to this world, a chain of Prophets and saints followed him who taught Humanity how to learn. This teaching brought a massive revolution and the whole World evolved in the process.

A new age dawned on Humanity after the chain of Prophets concluded and now Knowledge had to seek fresh quarters where Teaching and Learning could grow and hence help Man in his quest for Knowledge.

Man was so close to Knowledge but in order to feel and admire the intimate relation he is destined to have with it he had to undergo certain stages of evolution. Recognizing this, Knowledge decided to appear before Man in a way that could mold his quest so that their Union aims at hitherto undiscovered horizons. Soon Priests and Philosophers found Knowledge making way to their camps. Knowledge hid itself behind curtains but its sparkling beauty could find no way to go into hiding. When its charming glimpses would reach the eyes of Man, his quest would witness a manifold increase, burning him in the Love of his search!

Before long Knowledge became a Hidden Treasure and Teaching an Art of Secrecy. Learning took the shape of a mirror which would focus the entire warmth of Knowledge at a single point – the Heart of Man. This would set it ablaze leaving Man mercilessly drowned in an ocean where waves of Fire beat him hard.

Later a new age dawned on Humanity – the Age of Openness, where Man enjoys the liberty of having a number of options to select his way of Life from. Knowledge had to make an attempt in order to reach its beloved – Man, and so draped in all its beauties Knowledge has exposed itself like it never did before. Sitting in front of him, Knowledge addresses Man through Newspaper, Radio, TV, Cinema and Internet.

Learning has now burnt Man completely from inside, so much so that the curiosity of Man has reached limits formerly unknown. This explains why Man of this Age finds it difficult to follow a previously carved path and insists on making new avenues.

The preceding mode of Teaching has proved futile in these circumstances. Guidance of a Teacher is something that has perhaps never been as important as it is in the current age, without which such a wide spectrum of possibilities becomes a threat, as fake beauties may glitter and blind the eyes of Man, filtering the Light of true Knowledge away. But the problem comes when Man refuses to follow the old form of Teaching as he has set his eyes on places no one has ventured visiting before.

The quest of Man may get consumed by the Darkness of Ignorance if Teaching does not provide Man with means of reaching the true Knowledge. For this Learning and Teaching needs to hold hands. But it seems impossible without Teaching finding an effective way to assist its sister - Learning.

The current Age is looking for a shepherd who can guide the flock from behind so as to let it find pastures on its own, and at the same time it should be checked by the shepherd for getting astray (in a manner that arise the least suspicion that it is under observation).

With Learning and Teaching adjusting themselves to the needs of the new Age the Union of Man and Knowledge is just a few steps away…!