Happy Birthday, dear Quaid

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Today marks the 143th birthday of a man most famously known for accomplishing the daunting and rare task of creating a country, developing a nation and changing the geopolitical boundaries of South Asia for forever!

        Happy Birthday, Quaid e Azam!!!

Each year we pay tribute to you and your selfless struggle for the people of Indian subcontinent. The political solution you offered saved millions of lives from communal attacks and possible civil war in case British had left Indian subcontinent in a haste without paying heed to the wishes of its large minority population!

However this year is special.

Dear Quaid, you must have noticed that just a few years ago on this day we sang the patriotic songs with a heavy heart and crooked voice. Just 4 years ago, after the APS attack we practically forgot how to smile and thought we may never see happiness again!

But even in our gloomiest hour we did not loose hope. We fought multiple wars, not just on the military front but in every sector of life. These wars tested our very faith in the ideology of Pakistan. We were the victims but we were called perpetrators to terror. Our peace efforts since independence were forgotten. The world refused to acknowledge our wounds, our sufferings and our sacrifices.

With Faith, with new found Unity and with a little Discipline we have come a long way forward...
So many obstacles which seemed impossible to cross are already behind us. We have rediscovered the values which bind us as a nation.

The nation is now breathing, thinking, acting and moving forward like a single individual. We have reshaped our goals. The world is slowly acknowledging our international role. We have clearly identified our foes and friends.
Once again we are challenging the odds with a new found zeal and hope which is enabling us to accomplish what is deemed impossible!

This is a new era with new dreams and new goals. Where we want to keep the pledge we made to you
and the nation to create the new world all of us dreamed of.
Let’s hope we can share more good news next year!
Many many happy returns of the day 🇵🇰

Drone killings in Pakistan since 2004

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pitch Interactive from California portrays the statistics of 

drone attacks on Pakistan (link below)

Source: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, 

New America Foundation.

Link:    Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Samjhota Express

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Drama Serial Samjhota Express

A patriotic Muslim Indian family is split because of religious prejudice.
Professor Mubin, the head of the family, spent his life teaching harmony and love to his students from various religious backgrounds in Delhi University.
Azhar Mubin, elder son of Prof. Mubin, has to migrate to Pakistan with his wife and daughter because religious discrimination hinders his promotion in his firm and leaves him disheartened.
After three years of their migration, Prof. Mubin journeys to Pakistan to meet his son and grand-daughter, travelling in Samjhota Express on 18th february 2007, but he never reaches Lahore, as there is a blast in the train.
Out of the 68 casualties, 60 were Muslims.
Indian officials declares the involvement of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and Pakistani militants in this incidence but further inquiries by Haryana Police indicates the involvement of an Indian army official, Col. Prohit. 
The investigations are closed as the issue deals with international relations just when the police is about to reach the real culprits.
The pro-secular Indian youth, including Prof. Mubin's younger son Sajjad, and his ex-students from Delhi University  make efforts to reach the terrorists involved and pressurize the Indian govt. to make proper investigations into the matter.

(Above mentioned story is from the drama serial Samjhota Express based on the real event of the burning of the train 'Samjhota Express'.)

Samjhota Express is a serial based on the causes, events and investigations made related to the blowing off of Samjhota Express, a train run by the mutual efforts of Indian and Pakistani governments to bring the people of the two nations closer. Families and pilgrims from both sides of the border made use of the opportunity to intermingle.

Directed by Ali Tahir, written by Naeem Tahir and a Tahir's production, Samjhota Express is a serial based on extensive research, which reveals facts and figures related to the issue that never reached media in their proper shape. Characters are based on the real terrorists and organizations behind the tragedy.

The serial is a perfect piece of journalism with a beautifully woven plot depicting how a fraction of religious extremists,  in order to achieve their petty goals commits such an act of terror, ultimately harming patriotic Indians in the process and souring the Indo-Pak relations.

14 of the episodes have been aired so far. The story now moves on to the inquiries made after the event and will take us to a honest hindu Indian Police officer, Hemant Karkare, who traces the actual forces behind the tragedy not succumbing to the political pressure, but loses his own life in his struggles to help humanity.

A must-watch drama for those interested in Indo-Pak affairs, or those who wish to know facts about the forces behind the blasts in Samjhota Express and how the terrorists are then revealed.

The drama serial is aired on PTV Home every Monday at 07:45 pm.

Naeem Tahir (writer and actor of the serial) wrote an informative article, Samjhota tragedy remembered for Daily Times, where he tells us the story of this tragic incidence.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

This is the synopsis of the movie Armaan, released in 1966.

Lead cast includes Waheed Murad, Zeba, Tarannum, Zahoor Ahmad, Bibbo, Rozina and Nirala. 
The Story is written by Waheed Murad, Screenplay by Pervez Malik, Lyrics by Masroor Anwar, and the music is given by Sohail Rana.
Playback singers include Ahmad Rushdi and Mala.
The movie was directed by Pervez Malik and produced by Waheed Murad.
The synopsis is divided in segments, using each song as a divider.
Link to the complete movie at Youtube is given at the end.










The climax


Najma is an orphan living at the house of her deceased uncle. She prepares breakfast for the family despite her ill health but gets scolded by her Aunt for worrying over trifling illnesses, and is directed to bring her cousin Seema home from Lahore. 

In Lahore, Seema relates that her reason for not coming home for some time is her illegitimate child from Sohail, who went abroad in pursuit of a bright future without ever knowing about the child. Najma promises to keep the secret to herself and help her cousin out of her troubles. 

Seema’s mother is reminded by Munshi of a friend of her late husband, Nawab Wajahat, whose son Nasir must be of age to choose a spouse. She plans on writing to Nawab Wajahat, hoping to marry one of her daughters, Seema and Dolly, to Nasir. In Nasir’s house late at night, his father is enraged to know that Nasir is away to play cricket.


Whereas Nasir is in a night club singing about his dream girl and the crowd dances merrily.

Ko Ko Korina

On his return Nasir finds an angry father, who demands him to head to Murree to choose one of the sisters as his future bride. Nasir obtains permission for his friend Shahid to accompany him. On the way to Murree, Nasir is able to persuade Shahid to switch identities with Nasir once with the family they were going to meet.

In Murree, with their identities exchanged, Nasir faces troubles of living in a room which is not well kept and Shahid receives all the attentions of the family. At first sight Shahid falls for Dolly and Nasir convinces him that she also likes him. Taking off his glasses, Shahid aims to impress her further. They plan to get gifts for Dolly.

While shopping in the market Nasir bumps into Najma who drops her fruit basket, and leaves in anger.

Shahid, who tries to replace a bulb in order to impress Dolly, gets electric-shock and ends up swinging holding a rod. Nasir rescues him but he faints, and later decides to leave the house out of embarrassment. Nasir makes him believe that this act will trouble Dolly as she is truly in love with him. Shahid changes his mind about leaving.

Najma assures an anxious Seema that her child is safe and well looked after by the woman Najma has entrusted him to. She also pays a visit to the woman in order to hand her money for the child’s upbringing.

Back in the house Nasir overhears Seema’s mother scolding Najma. When she leaves he introduces himself to Najma as Nasir’s (Shahid disguised as Nasir) secretary, and gets to know that Najma is the neice of Seema’s deceased father. He apologizes for his conduct in the market that day and disapproves the conduct of her Aunt towards her, but Najma asks him to refrain from interfering in their family affairs. After talking for some time Nasir leaves for his room impressed by Najma’s attitude.


The following day, wanting to accompany her to the market Nasir follows Najma, and sings his current state of emotions to her.

Zindagy apni thi ab tak

Back from the market Shahid refuses to give any money to Nasir, leaving him is annoyed.

At night Nasir takes Shahid’s purse from under his pillow but is caught and his act is disapproved by Najma, who then puts the purse back. On her return she is stuck by Seema’s mother who then goes to Shahid’s room.

Mistaking her for Dolly, Shahid states love to her. Embarrassed at this Shahid decides to leave. When Nasir argues Shahid expresses his incapability to impress any girl as he did not know how to sing, considering it important for the purpose.

Nasir promises to help him and compels him not to leave.  


The next day, Nasir sings a song, hiding himself from the balcony where Dolly stood, while Shahid is standing in front of it, pretending to sing. Najma arrives and Nasir starts singing for her, forgetting his errand.

Betab ho udhar ho tum

Dolly finds it out and throws water at Shahid.

Nasir takes Najma to a park and puts marriage proposal before her which she accepts. Seema’s mother wants Nawab Wajahat to visit them. Shahid gets nervous while Nasir approves of the idea. She reserves a call for Karachi.

Packing his belongings once again, Shahid is fearful of Nawab Wajahat’s reaction when he will find out about their exchanged identities. Much to Shahid’s relief Nasir tricks to get the reserved call canceled and speaks to Seema’s mother as Nawab Wajahat, informing her of his willingness to visit them. 


In the park Nasir shows Najma the steep end of a hill. Najma is frightened. He then reveals to her his plans to go to Karachi for some days, and insists despite her opposition. Expressing her displeasure, Najma moves away from him. Nasir sings for her, expressing his desire to be with her forever.

Akeley Na Jana

Disguised as Nawab Wajahat, Nasir meets the family. After dinner Munshi performs a song before him. Shahid remarks that Najma is good at singing. On Nawab Wajahat’s (Nasir’s) and her Aunt’s insistence Najma sings gloomily while missing Nasir and runs to the kitchen crying.

Akeley Na Jana

Nawab Wajahat (Nasir) follows her to the kitchen, and acts markedly similar to the way he (Nasir) behaved on the first day of their introduction. Najma is puzzled.

Following day Nasir’s father arrives to meet the family, and Shahid, considering him to be Nasir, tries to be frank with him. On finding Nasir disguised as Nawab Wajahat upstairs, Shahid realizes the situation and silently moves to his room to pack his belongings. Nasir can do nothing to make him speak.

Meanwhile in the living room Nawab Wajahat tries to convince Seema’s mother that he is the real person. The truth is revealed when Nasir comes downstairs and Shahid follows him. Najma and Dolly leaves the room wretched.

In his room, Nasir is scolded by his father for his actions. Nasir then explains that this way he has made his choice of a responsible girl in the face of Najma. His father regards his decision and plans to talk to Najma’s Aunt about their marriage. Considering Nasir’s love a prank, Najma is unhappy but Nasir convinces her of the truth of his feelings, advising her to keep faith in their dreams.

Munshi reveals something to Seema’s mother and they plan something. Nawab Wajahat expresses Nasir’s desire to marry Najma, to Seema’s mother. She mocks at Najma, at which Nawab Wajahat protests but she claims to reveal Najma’s real face to Nasir.

Munshi brings the same woman whom Najma had entrusted Seema’s child to the scene. She asserts that the child belongs to Najma. Taking the child Najma runs to her room. Puzzled, Nasir follows her, begging her to disown the child and reject the accusations of her Aunt. In a fit of sorrow and rage Najma asks leave of Nasir declaring the child to be her own. He leaves, feeling dejected.

Najma moves to the house where Seema’s child was being brought up, and intends to work somewhere. Gul Khan, nephew of the woman Najma lives with, shows keen interest in her.

Back to his house, Nasir spends time drinking heavily, and refuses to eat anything. To cheer him up, his father asks Shahid to take him to the parties he used to attend.


In the night club, Nasir sings about his regretful love story, making everybody around him sad.

Jab Pyar Mein Do Dil

Najma is troubled by the frequent visits of Gul Khan.

Nasir’s father tries to console him expressing his desire of marrying Nasir to Seema, before he leaves to perform Hajj. Distressed Nasir accepts this decision. Seema’s mother is happy to know Nawab Wajahat’s decision and plans to move to Karachi for the marriage. Seema shows her unwillingness to marry but gets pressurized by her mother against her wishes.

She comes to meet Najma and her child, and reveals her mother’s intention. Najma is upset but wants to live for the happiness of others. She asks Seema to marry and bring joy to Nasir’s life. Seema gives her the address of her house in Karachi.

On the night of his marriage Nasir drinks again. Nawab Wajahat wants to meet Nasir before he leaves for Hajj but he is asleep.

Gul Khan tries to rape Najma but his aunty rescues her, beating him out of the house. He then asks his aunt for forgiveness and offers her sweets. She goes unconscious eating them and Gul Khan repeats his attempt on Najma. She hit him to unconsciousness and takes the child away to Karachi, fearing police to be after her as she considered Gul Khan dead.

Nasir finds Najma lay the child on the doorsteps of his house and reproach her for her acts. Seema takes Najma and the child inside and gets to know of the conditions which led her there. She compels Najma to stay with her as this could protect her from police. Her decision made Nasir furious. One night the child cries out of illness and Seema and Najma attends to him. Nasir rebukes and slaps Najma, asking her to leave his house.


Najma sings sorrowfully.

Meri Qismat Bta

The following morning Najma plans to go away but is prevented by Seema who reminds her that police must be after her.

Returning from abroad Sohail gets to know of his child and Seema’s marriage.

Arranging Seema’s cupboard Najma finds Sohail’s photo and takes it away. On the stairs the photograph fell off her hands in front of Nasir, who takes it up to see. At that moment Sohail arrives and Najma runs to take him out of the house to refrain him from seeing Seema.

Meeting Sohail in his house, Seema expresses her desire to keep the child with her. Nasir dislikes Sohail's visits to his house. Seema taunts him, calling his hatred for Najma is linked to the hidden love he has for her. Nasir leaves the house.


Sohail comes to attend his child’s birthday party. Seema sings on the occasion.

Oont Pe Betha Mera Muna

Nasir returns with Seema’s mother who scolds her for keeping Najma and her child at her house.

Their servant tries to convey a letter he got from Sohail. Nasir finds it out and comes to meet Sohail, who denies knowing Najma and reveals that the child belongs to Seema.

At this discovery, Nasir returns home and accuses Najma for ruining his happiness. He then reveals the news to Seema’s mother who begs Najma to get out of Nasir’s life for the sake of her cousin. Najma leaves.

At night, Sohail tries to enter Nasir’s house. Both fight each other before Seema, who has already taken high drug dosage, comes in between them and entrust her child to Sohail. She asks forgiveness from Nasir and dies.

On leaving the house, Najma engages a taxi driven by Gul Sher who drives her to a lonely place. Her screams made a constable follow them. Getting out of the taxi near a railway line, Najma jumps in a river and Gul Sher is crushed to death by the train.

Constable breaks the news of Najma’s death to Nasir, reaching him after going through Najma’s belongings. Nasir is depressed and is taken to Murree so that he may recover.

Nasir believes he sees Najma in the park they used to meet in. His condition deteriorates day by day. Shahid goes to look for a doctor when he finds Najma alive, ignorant of Seema’s death. He takes her home to find that Nasir is not in the house. Nawab Wajahat begs Najma to help them.

The climax

Najma goes after Nasir and sings.

Akeley Na Jana

Nasir is near the steep end of a hill when he hears her voice. They try to reach each other and meet on a hill top to embrace each other.

Link to complete movie at youtube (part 1)

Link to complete movie at youtube (part 2)

Heera Aur Pathar (1964) - Synopsis

Sunday, November 4, 2012

This is the synopsis of the movie, Heera Aur Pathar,released in 1964. 
Lead cast includes Waheed Murad and Zeba. 

Story and dialogues are written by Iqbal Rizvi, Lyrics by Masroor Anwar, and the music is given by Sohail Rana.

The movie was directed by Pervaiz Malik and produced by Waheed Murad.

The synopsis is divided in segments, using each song as a divider.

Link to the complete movie at Youtube is given at the end.

1. The setting

2. Chariot race

3. A family no more

4. The ways of the world

5. The ways of love

6. Picnic

7. Brotherly love

8. Solidarity

9. The climax

1. The setting

Janu is a cart-driver who drives home to a village in his cart after his day's labour while Noori is happily singing in the fields. 

Aaj Mujey Kiya Huwa 

On seeing Janu come, Noori joins him. After teasing her a bit, Janu gives Noori a present he brought for her.

In Janu's house his sister, Zebo, and father, Kheru, receive him. His father asks Janu for the money he earned. Janu denied earning any, but his father take some amount out from his pocket, aiming to send it to Janu's brother, Hameed, who studies in the city. Zebo needs some money for food, but their father does not spare any.

After he leaves, Janu takes out the money he had saved for food. Zebo is happy and prepares for lunch. 
To get some flour Zebo comes to Noori's house and meets Noori's brother Malang.

2. Chariot race

Noori goes to wash clothes near a pond when a man attempts to molest her. Noori's cries bring Janu to the place who fights the man away. To cheer up Noori, Janu sings for her.

Gori Simti Jayey  

Hameed is immersed in his thoughts trying to study with Salma, his beloved, sitting next to him. Salma accompanies Hameed to a posh house which he claims to belong to his friend, and leaves. 

Just then Hameed moves on to his own abode which he shares with a friend. Knowing that he loves Salma, his friend suggests Hameed to hide his true identity and marry her. Finding him hesitant, Hameed's friend reminds him of the hardships he may face to get a proper living once he graduates.
Hameed is perplexed.

In the village, Munshi reads a letter for Kheru from Hameed, who urgently needs 500 rupees for his final exams. Kheru asks for loan from the money lender and agrees on a mortgage of Janu's cart-donkey. 

Donkey- cart race is about to take place, with a winning prize of 500 rupees. Malang claims that Janu will be the winner. 

On Janu's return, money lender comes to take away the donkey. Janu refuses but his father persuades him. Munshi is asked by the money lender to take care of the donkey.

Noori, Malang, Zebo and Janu are upset for his not being able to take part in the race. Janu comes up with a trick and together they are successful in replacing the donkey in Munshi's house. They paint their donkey black and Janu goes to take part in the race. 

At the start he is ahead of others but halfway the race he is beaten up by another contestant. Janu still manages to gain pace with his donkey and wins. Malang replaces the donkey again.

3. A family no more

Janu and his friends celebrate his victory.


Accompanied by his father Janu goes to return debt to the money-lender and gets his donkey back.

They are reminded to pay all their pending debts within 10 days to prevent their house from going in the hands of the money lender. 

Hameed's friend tries to persuade him to forget his past and turn a new leaf in life. A shout is heard from outside. They see a crowd in front of a house whose resident has committed suicide out of poverty. 
This incidence helps Hameed make up his mind.

Noori is terrified when she meets a robber, with his face covered, in the fields. She shouts for help, runs away, and is chased by the robber who eventually turns out to be Janu.

Noori is annoyed and brings up the subject of marriage. Janu remarks that their marriage is not possible before Zebo's marriage and due to his financial problems. 

On his way to home, Janu sees a bride leaving her house and thinks about Zebo's future. Zebo finds him upset when he reaches home, and on knowing the reason for his sadness declares that she will not leave Janu and their father alone. Janu tries to convince her otherwise and tells her she can address her concerns to the moon once she is away from Janu, and he will get to know of them.

Hameed meets Salma's father in her house, who is willing to acceed to Salma's choice of husband. When questioned about his parents Hameed declares himself an orphan. Salma's father desires that Hameed should take care of his business after marriage.

Meanwhile Salma's only brother Sajid arrives with his friends, and his father relates his unsatisfaction on his son's behaviour and company.
In the village, Hameed's father is waiting eagerly for his return. Hameed soon marries Salma.

4. The ways of the world

Malang sings his love for Zebo but she pretends to be indifferent.

Muje aik larki se 

Noori approaches Kheru for the hand of Zebo for Malang. Kheru refuses, stating that he hopes to marry Zebo into a more affluent family, once Hameed finds a good job after finishing his studies. 

Disheartened, Malang tries to commit suicide. Janu and Noori comes to rescue him. While Malang is busy talking to Noori, Janu cuts the rope with which Malang was trying to hang himself, just before he jumped from the tree. Malang is saved.

Tired of waiting for Hameed, Janu goes to the city to look for him. 

Salma asks Hameed to join her father's Mill in place of her brother according to her father's wish. Sajid is enraged at this decision of his father and his friend's heighten his rage.

Janu comes to Hameed's earlier abode but finds no clue of him. He roams around the city in his cart looking for his brother, and their father is sick waiting for his sons to return. While passing in a street Janu sees Hameed going inside a house in his car. He runs towards the house. Hameed stops to see him but turns around to go inside.
Janu waits outside Hameed's house and on the next morning comes to stand in front of Hameed's car.

When questioned about his identity Hameed recognizes Janu and reveals about his marriage. He also tries giving Janu some money. Enraged Janu returns the money declaring to end all ties with his brother.

Back in the village, money lender forces Kheru and Zebo to evacuate their house. They move to the city in search for Janu and Hameed. Noori waits for Janu's return and relates him the departure of his sister and father once he returns. In anger Janu beats the money lender and aims to go to the city to look for Zebo and his father.

Not willing to depart from his friend, Malang asks Noori to pack their belongings and they both move to city with Janu. With the help of a man they are able to find accomodation in a locality, and Foreman of Hameed's mill take them to work with him.
In search of his sons Kheru is walking on a road with Zebo when Salma's car hit him. She takes them home with her. Kheru and Zebo finds Hameed there but refrains from revealing their connection to his wife. Salma persuades them to stay in their house and arranges for them to live in servants' lodgings. Hameed resists but surrenders to her will. On seeing Zebo, Sajid makes advances on her but she tries to avoid him.

5. The ways of love

Meanwhile Janu takes Noori on a trip to city, singing happily for her.

Mujey Tum Se Mohabbat 

Living in the same house with his son, Kheru works for him out of love and does not complain.

Salma is happy for having such good servants. Hameed is upset but feels difficult to connect with his father and sister. Foreman of Hameed's Mill comes to meet Noori but leaves owing to her tricks. Noori laughs at him.
Salma's father is happy with Hameed's dedication for his work, and in Kheru's presence talks about how proud Hameed's parents must feel if they were alive. Kheru and Hameed are drowned in emotions. Inquiring about Sajid from Salma, their father gets to know that he is gone to a party.

6. Picnic

At the party Sajid and his friends are having fun, singing and dancing among them.


Kheru is working in lawn when Hameed arrives. He tries to talk to his father but leaves when another servant arrives. Zebo is very unhappy at the state of matters and begs her father to leave Hameed's house. He refuses.

7. Brotherly love

Zebo is missing Janu and sings to express her emotions to moon. At the same time Janu is thinking of his sister too.

Ja re ja chanda 

On the dining table in their house, Sajid complains of being ill-treated by everyone. His father urges him to reflect on his behaviour. Kheru is holding a cup of tea which is hit by Sajid. Tea spills and Sajid slaps Kheru. Sajid's father is annoyed and scolds him, who then leaves the place. After this incidence Hameed comes to his father's room. Expressing his reason's for abandoning his previous life and relations, he denotes his dislike for the condition his father and sister are in. Kheru wants to hug his son but before that Salma comes looking for Hameed.
At night Kheru is ill. Zebo begs him not to live in such distress and urges him to live with Janu. Salma comes with medicine for Kheru who stops Zebo from calling Hameed his brother in her presence. 
On Salma's Birthday party Kheru and Zebo presents her with a bouquet which she admires, but are mocked by Sajid's friends. Salma is outragged and Sajid dislikes her attitude towards his friends.
Working in the factory, Malang mistakenly drops oil on Sajid. In a fury he beats Malang. Janu steps in to save his friend. Both are taken to Hameed's office with a demand of their expulsion from the Mill. Hameed declines this demand when he listens to Malang's account of the incidence, and Sajid leaves his office in anger, deciding with the foreman to trick Hameed out of the Mill. 
Before leaving Janu asks Hameed about any knowledge he had of their father and sister. Getting to know that they live in Hameed's house as servants Janu immediately arrives there to take them with him. His father pretends living a luxurious and happy life, but Janu knows the truth. Zebo comes to express her desire to live with Janu. All three of them move to Janu's abode.

8. Solidarity


Once in their locality, Noori, Malang, Janu and Zebo sing a song accompanied by most of the people there, to express their happiness and faith in the goodness of life.

Rahay Himmat Jawan 

Sajid takes a house on rent situated in a lonely, deserted place. Salma overhears his plans.
Handing over the keys of Hameed's Safe, Sajid reveals his plan to the foreman who is to rob money from the Safe for a promised commission. He agrees hesitantly. That evening Hameed leaves his office and Foreman enters to commit robbery. On the way to his car Hameed is reminded of something and returns to his office, only to find his Safe empty. He orders the gates of the Mill to be closed and calls the police. Foreman is troubeled and runs to factory area. He hides the money in Janu's belongings. On inquiry police finds the money. Janu is accused of theft and arrested. Malang returns home to impart this news to Noori, Zebo and her father. Despaired, Zebo goes to meet Hameed in his house. Malang suspects foreman, and Noori comes up with a trick. 
Meanwhile in Hameed's house Sajid tries to rape Zebo before Sajid and Salma arrives to protect her.

Hameed beats Sajid and his father turn him out of the house. Sajid finalizes plans to kidnap Zebo.
Malang brings the foreman to his house and leaves to call police while foreman confesses his crime in front of Noori. Police overhears him. He is arrested. Malang and Noori accompanies the party to Police-station and Janu is released.

9. The climax


Back in their house, Sajid comes with his friends and kidnaps Zebo. One of Sajid's friends is held behind by the neighbors. On his return Janu gets the news of Zebo's kidnap and know the place where she was taken by their prisoner. Together with Noori and Malang, Janu rushes to the place. Kheru heads to Hameed's house and in a fit of rage aims at Salma's father with his knife. Hameed comes in between. His relation to Kheru is revealed and his father tells Hameed of Sajid's recent act. Salma guides them to the place Sajid has taken on rent.
Malang, Noori and Janu break in the house and fight ensues between them and Sajid's friends. When Sajid is the only one left conscious he tries to flee shielding himself behind Zebo, but is struck by his father from behind, who has just arrived with the Police. Sajid and his friends are arrested.
Salma's father scolds Hameed for his act of hiding his true identity, saying that he was impressed by his character and the knowledge of his background would not have effected his decision of Salma's marriage.
Hameed asks his father for forgiveness but Janu claims that Hameed's act is superficial and insincere.

Hameed is willing to withdraw from everything in order to obtain his father's love. Zebo supports Hameed and Kheru forgives him. Janu is not willing to forgive, but is persuaded by Zebo to do so. Both the brothers embrace each other with tears in their eyes. Kheru is thankful to God for this reunion.

Malang and Noori are stopped by Kheru when they aim to leave, as he wants them to live with his family forever.

Complete link of the movie at Youtube