Sunday, March 27, 2011

She wanted to find an end to all her worries today, getting rid of all the troublesome sounds around her. She was in search of silence, wherein according to her, rest peace and happiness. In this pursuit she reached the edge of a cliff. Looking down from there she could only see darkness and when she moved her eyes sideways, a beautiful garden, full of blossoming flowers and chirping birds was welcoming her with open arms…

The only thing Naghma ever desired was silence. Thinking about silence intensified her pain today. But what could she do… surrounded amidst noises of varying types, Naghma would listen two distinct sounds everyday, every minute and every second of her life. She had no idea why out of all the sounds these two were most bothering her.

Naghma was a mere 11 years old school-girl. When the life of her fellows would be spent singing and humming songs to themselves, she would be worried about the noises.

Khat-khata-khat… There it comes again! People from nearby localities were of the opinion that the noise seemed to stem from some type of machine. But Naghma had spent years studying its nature, its frequency and its quality. In the depths of the sound she discovered greed, jealousy, the lust for power and the memories of torturing past experiences. This discovery was shocking for Naghma but she tried to satisfy herself with the belief that the origin of the noise must be devilish. Alas! It didn’t stop bothering her even now. The noise would make her go aggressive. Every blossoming flower would irritate her with the chirping birds it would attract. Naghma, thinking that perhaps this way she could avenge the noise who had taken away all her peace, would destroy that flower. What a sense of accomplishment she would have at such occasions.

A morning stuffed with noises wasn’t new to her, but today her worries rested with the noise which came from her heart. Its intensity had magnified. There was a time when all she could hear came from outside and originated in her surroundings. But no later than she started ‘avenging’ that noise did the other one surface. She focused all her attention to this sound now, hoping to decipher it as she had done with the first one. But all she could hear was a combination of sounds not able to align themselves to each other. One sound would be clearly distinguishable from the others, but no conclusion could be drawn as to the nature of these sound pieces.

The situation made Naghma nervous and fear lurked in. Fear… which can easily take the shape of aggression, motivated her to set out in the search of her answers or destroy herself in the process. Wandering wildly, Naghma reached the cliff edge. She knew of the darkness embedded down the cliff, but still found it pleasant to accept the darkness in exchange for the life she was leading. As soon as she made up her mind to take a step forward Naghma heard the sound of her heart. But to her utmost surprise she was able to reach the depth of the simplicity it held. Draped in the cloak of utmost simplicity the noise sounded more of a song to Naghma now.

Spin the wheel of damaging energies

To help set the constructive ones free

Destroy not the beauties you see

For God put the source of all splendor in thee

The chirping of the birds, the colors of flowers and the scent they spread all forms part of the beauty which have direct link with Naghma’s heart. The direction of her steps turned towards the garden near the cliff, and with a smile on her face her tiny feet ran after a colorful butterfly. No scream can now affect Naghma’s attitude to life, because she now understands the simple yet powerful approach life usually takes.