Sunday, July 18, 2010

Secrets of Life are reflected in each and every individual, even in a single grain of Sand. However in order to unlock the box of secrets, one need to use Love as one’s key!
As a child I used to think that soil is just a motionless and lifeless creature, and no matter what attitude I keep towards it, it is never going to react against me.
With some consideration I realized that my apprehension has some flaws as Soil has a flow of Life within itself.
Birth is the most important aspect of Life without which Life do not exist. I figured out that soil provides the basis of Birth for both individuals and their societies. Just like it provides nitrates to the plants for making proteins, it acts as a support to the birth of societies and civilizations. Without Land Man could never erect the foundations of Culture.
After birth, growth is a vital aspect of Life. My mind questioned about the way soil grows and the answer came when I took into account the many plants and insects thriving in the bosom of soil. I followed a close link it has with the growth of societies. Land helped man expand his imaginations and discover the treasures of Art, Literature and Music. This aided Man plant his roots well in the medium of Life.
Desire to Change follows growth on the avenue of Life. I wondered how the soil particles were fulfilling this requirement of Life! This query led me to discover a strange co-relation between Life and Change. On its journey of Life, Lead yearns to become Gold. Two different entities becoming One is something strange, yet too powerful to ignore. Lead learns from its history the secrets of Life and takes their help in order to conquer the soul and body of Gold. Similarly soil from its experience learns and arranges itself sometimes as a strong wall and sometimes as a sacred statue. When the same soil gains knowledge of its history, new world-views come to light.
Moving a step ahead, we come across the phase of Action in Life. I pondered over and over again that in what way soil was taking Actions in order to stay alive. This question lingered in my mind for long until one day I grasped that at this point the symbolic nature of soil towards societies emerges with a biological existence. Out of Soil God made Man and assigned the task of Action to him, so that it can help the flame of Life to burn with a new freshness.Man is the driving force behind any society and without Man helping his fellow-men, no society can flourish, ruining the whole balance of Life.
A small piece of Land acts as the building block for the entire Universe. The characters it holds are also shared by the universe. This proves that Universe in itself is living and after coming into existence the growth, desire to change and the ability to act are the attributes that guarantees Life.
Stability in the entire Universe can be established only if we all adopt a Loving attitude towards every Life, be it the Life of a single particle of Soil or the Life of those emerging out of it.

Spirit and Matter

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soul and body supplements each other and together they ascertain what is hidden and what is apparent. But the manner in which they work mutually has been a mystery for man. Whether soul is everything and matter has little importance, or that the matter is sole imposing is such a question the answer to which is much sought after.

From pre-historic times, Man learnt to observe Nature which provided answers to all the questions he had. This observation led to the basis of scientific enquiry and experimentation. Scientists soon realized the incapacity of ‘words’ to describe what the study of Nature revealed onto them and hence ‘mathematical notations’ came into being.

During all this time, the question of matter and soul was never ignored. Mystics tried to explain it in their own ways and Science took a different path. But both were in the quest to solve the same query.

Primarily more importance was given to the experience of soul as the impact of Theology was immense. This was the age of Mystics and Prophets which was then followed by the era of Newtonian Mechanics. The theories of Newton and his contemporaries dealt with what is visible and can be calculated. Soul lost its due importance and with the progress of Science the question of Soul and Matter became even more problematical to handle. As understanding of the functions of brain and body increased, things started to get more complex.

Although scientific discoveries and inventions poured in a great number in this era, ignoring the study of Human soul led Man away from attaining global peace and harmony. The Greater One lost its meaning and the concept of duality of things gained much attention. With this attitude science could only pursue a blind-ended road following no direction that could lead us to our Final Destination.

With more keen observation and independent inquiry, Scientists discovered a new avenue of Thought. The Scientists noticed a strange inverse co-relation between the uncertainties of some corresponding measurements and the sub-atomic particles were found to follow wavefunction. The concept that matter is sole imposing, and matter and spirit are not related, fell apart as now Mechanical calculations were no longer as functional as they used to be.

This brought our essential question back to the stage in a fresh form. The reliability of matter was questioned and if matter shows no determination and existence is just a probability then what purpose is served by spirit? This shows that there still remain some secrets to be unfolded.

The age of mysticism is no longer there so any final answer has to come from the quarters of Science. Scientists on the other hand have to keep one thing in mind. The secret of the answer to this question lies inside the Human heart. Before looking forward to the results of their experiments, Scientists should help spread the waves of Peace and Harmony across the globe as both spirit and matter responds to Love. In this way the answer will surely uncover itself before our eyes.