Existence Or a Tendency to exist!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ideas and thoughts sometimes behave as Photons. Their own material importance is negligible, but they are the basis of all Matter.

For a long time scientists debated over the existence of sub-atomic particles because of their very complex nature. At times assuming their role as negligible would affect the precise scientific measurements, and at other instances their existence became a difficulty to handle.

The movement of electrons in their orbits is very random. No one can be sure enough to claim which part of the orbit they are moving in and which part is just an empty space. They can be well scattered as well as attracted towards one direction only. Yet the role of these subatomic particles can not be ignored. Every material thing on Earth is made up of these particles and the amount and charges held by these particles determine the characteristics of the matter they constitute.

Same is the case with Human beings. In our world Ideas play a vital role and have a direct impact on human behavior and the direction which a society is about to take in the process of its growth. Ideas, just like sub-atomic particles, are not material themselves but are the source from which all material originates. Therefore change in Ideas can result in a variety of directions for individuals to follow.

Such is the importance of these materially non-existent things; they have a control over what is material. Hence it can be concluded that every matter is under the effect of non-matter therefore it is not Existing, in fact matter has a Tendency to Exist!

Question Marks...!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Questions coming out of a mind are like bubbles being produced in a boiling mixture, indicating that some noticeable change is going on inside it. This comparison relates that questions are an integral part in the development of a Human soul, determining the pace and direction of an individual’s viewpoint.

Reason and logic originates from the groundwork of questions. Scientific and Philosophical discoveries form the driving force of any society. Such discoveries are also a product of questioning. So putting Question marks when observing the Nature is the same as friction that helps space crafts and rockets take off for their journey to great heights.

Such is the power of Questions; they take one higher and higher, and around the whole Universe, discovering new avenues for thoughts and ideas. But there is one factor whose absence and existence can totally change the outcomes of this power, and that factor is Faith.

Without Faith Questioning is like weaving nets and getting oneself entangled in them. Doubts and fears may overpower a questioning mind if it fails to recognize its own power of Faith. And this may permanently halt the motion of a Human soul and its flights may come to an end.

If one has absolute Faith that all the questions one has are surely going to get answered, questioning can help one find horizons far and wide. But when doubts and fears enter a questioning mind, the upshot is confusion and bewilderment.

In order to carve a healthy society, we should take our questions out of the box of Doubts and allow them to breathe in the fresh air of Faith.



Thursday, June 17, 2010

After the Universe came into being the Sun, moon and stars were bright with radiance and were the only source of lightening up the entire Universe. At that time Earth was just a barren piece of land with no Life in it. Little was known to these celestial bodies that soon the Creator will bring into existence someone that can shine more intensely than all the stars, which can move more swiftly than the velocity of all the planets put together and can evolve with such pace that is unparalleled.

That creation was a Human heart which with its rhythmic beats brought color and zest to the Universe by enriching life on Earth. The source of its radiance was the Divine spark it contained and the gift of perception it got gave it an edge over the other objects of the Universe. Love acted as a thread relating the ability of perception and the Divine spark, thus enabling the Human heart to administrate over Time and Space. The whole Universe then focused its energies and embarked upon a journey to bring about one union, the Union of Man and his Creator.

This journey is continuous and all of the Human beings are putting their part in it. Each moment nourishes this journey by taking one more step towards the Final Destination. On an individual level the journey results in the purification of one single man and on a wider scale it helps the whole humanity to move forward as a single unit.

As Love is the force that binds different capabilities of a Human soul together and helps it grow and reach the skies, the purity of this Love determines what direction the Universe is going to take over time. This establishes the Power of Love and the role it plays in bringing about growth in a Human soul which further leads to the Growth of the whole Universe.

Now it is up to us to decide which direction we want the relations between God and Man to follow. The more we fortify Love, the more we strengthen the thread that ties up Man with the basis of his Life.