Friday, December 31, 2010

Universe is a creative product by a Creative Self, and Man is an element having the best sense of creativity among the Creation.

Everything in the Universe conceives and creates. Creation adds diversity of form and behavior which enhances the Beauty of the worlds. At sub-atomic level every instant electrons modify their pattern of movement, creating and destroying polarities, which in turn help change their chemical behavior. Resulting new and unique products add to Creation. Cosmic changes occur, energy and charge distribution changes in the upper atmosphere and we witness a creative movement of the heavenly bodies inside the space.

When creativity reaches the shores of Human mind, it finds a new depth therein. It seems as if Man wants to consume all his energies creating and decorating things. Taking threads of nature and weaving them every time in a new fashion. For Man, inventing things for providing himself with comfort is all but a way to create and appreciate the marvels of Creation. Man can sense and think, have got memory and intelligence hence his creation is without doubt more mature than that of the rest of the Creation. He makes Nature talk to himself in various ways through his creativity. This relation between himself and the Nature brings him one step closer to the Hand which conceived Life.

Man’s creativity has two domains, thoughts and actions. His feelings and circumstances directly affect his creativity. A minor unbalance of his feelings can disrupt the whole cycle of creation, negativity thus over-powering his creative instincts. If hope and happiness are intact, fate comes under his sense of creation. For hope and bliss to be there, one needs to have freedom in his thoughts and approach.

A heart free of all grudges and negativity only can get to the depths of the purity of Life and creation and hence reach the secrets of Soul. A person dependent for his ideas and beliefs on another being has deprived himself of all the bounties Life can give and provide a cause for remaining ignorant all his life. Therefore freedom of thought is vital for a healthy and creative Life.

Life evolved when the Maker established His creation. When Man took his first breathe in this World, he could not but appreciate the wonders Creativity did in bringing him to Life. He developed a quest to know about the secrets of Life and realized that understanding Creativity can lead him to the wonders of Life. Man could sense and feel which aided him in his understanding. His feelings; success, bliss, fear, doubts, hope, love, hatred etc came in new combinations each time, which helped him create diverse thoughts and objects. This creativity when reaches its ultimate heights, can guide Man to the meanings of Life, leaving it to get conquered by Man. Time and Space become dependent to his wand of creativity and at this moment Man reaches the stage which is very near to the Creator.

A portion of the Love of Creator entered His Creation which helped Man understand His Creative instincts and finally conquered Man to bring him back to the One he belongs. The cycle of Creativity is always accompanied by this Love and Universe becomes a bridge for the cycle to complete and the communion to take place.