Saturday, October 23, 2010

This post is not a poem, just a voice of my heart... Please ignore any shortcomings related to poetic expression in it!
Dedicating to the Full Moon tonight!

Oh you, the brightest spot in the gloomy sky

How many mysteries in your bosom lie?

You have for countless centuries

Guided Man out of his miseries

Nature in your growth and disappearance put

The charms of its most precious assets

These secrets reached Man when

Desired the tides of Life to reach you

Who basked themselves in your Light

Got their Hearts enlightened with Love

Love made the sky gleam with Full Moon

When the clouds of confusion left the blue

Enlightening the night of your Love is your orbit

A symbol of Hope are you, oh Full Moon

All your secrets, confide in us and

Turn our motion like yours, oh Moon

We who look for the footsteps of our beloved

Teach us your way of Living, oh Moon


Hayder Sarfraz said...

Thats what i always feel whenever i see the moon bt couldnt put it in words like u have!!
Brilliantly written!! Its ur first english poem??

Namrah Mahmood said...

Oh I m glad to know that we share the same feelings about full moon... :)
and no its not the first, there are a few incomplete ones or the ones which couldn't satisfy me apart from this poem, and I find even this one not upto the mark.
Thanks for reading the post :)

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Nice rendering and unusual thought.

In our apparent visible world Full Moon is the loveliest, mysterious and breathtaking sight. But why it is so? I always felt it is because when first man ever set an eye on this majestic sight and was left in an awe and since then billions of eyes that have seen it with same amazement and awe have passed on enormous energy of love and ecstasy to this tantalizing object, which is surrounded by an aura of that admiring and praising eyes who look towards it and are inspired eternally…

connie nash said...

Hello Friends,

I am rejoicing with this beautiful poetic expression and one with each of you three in the effect. Your description, as well, Dar Sahib, also add to the truth with beauty and the wealth of the heart.

When I look at the full moon, I often think that this actual sight brings us all together - not only with our historical origins yet also here and now...

I feel, know, am one with you on the other side of the world and you with me...

And Allah with us all through His Spirit which contains multitudes of these same qualities you have described...

What Grace has been given to us in the sky...
when so much else goes awry.

Namrah Mahmood said...

@ Akhtar
The question that why Full moon 'is the loveliest, mysterious and breathtaking sight' was lingering in my mind as well,
Your beautiful description gives a very true account of the reality.
I m really grateful to u for being here, and benefiting me from ur words. Thank you very much!

Namrah Mahmood said...

@ Connie
Very true,
The way nature Unites all mankind is beautifully revealed to us by Full Moon...
And I especially like ur words

'I feel, know, am one with you on the other side of the world and you with me...'

Thanks for sharing ur feelings because I believe if feelings are shared they contribute in Uniting the whole mankind under the banner of Humanity, as Human beings mostly share similar feelings. I wonder why only differences are highlighted.

Thanks for coming and reading the post :)

ReeBz said...

beautiful indeed!
Though i have written few poems on different topics, i couldnt write or gather my thoughts on this very topic Full moon, even after my several tries.
You did it beautifully!

Namrah Mahmood said...

@ Reebz
Thank you so much dear, and I really admire those poems of yours which I have read on your blog. They are very brilliantly put :)
Keep coming dear!

ReeBz said...

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