Spirit and Matter

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soul and body supplements each other and together they ascertain what is hidden and what is apparent. But the manner in which they work mutually has been a mystery for man. Whether soul is everything and matter has little importance, or that the matter is sole imposing is such a question the answer to which is much sought after.

From pre-historic times, Man learnt to observe Nature which provided answers to all the questions he had. This observation led to the basis of scientific enquiry and experimentation. Scientists soon realized the incapacity of ‘words’ to describe what the study of Nature revealed onto them and hence ‘mathematical notations’ came into being.

During all this time, the question of matter and soul was never ignored. Mystics tried to explain it in their own ways and Science took a different path. But both were in the quest to solve the same query.

Primarily more importance was given to the experience of soul as the impact of Theology was immense. This was the age of Mystics and Prophets which was then followed by the era of Newtonian Mechanics. The theories of Newton and his contemporaries dealt with what is visible and can be calculated. Soul lost its due importance and with the progress of Science the question of Soul and Matter became even more problematical to handle. As understanding of the functions of brain and body increased, things started to get more complex.

Although scientific discoveries and inventions poured in a great number in this era, ignoring the study of Human soul led Man away from attaining global peace and harmony. The Greater One lost its meaning and the concept of duality of things gained much attention. With this attitude science could only pursue a blind-ended road following no direction that could lead us to our Final Destination.

With more keen observation and independent inquiry, Scientists discovered a new avenue of Thought. The Scientists noticed a strange inverse co-relation between the uncertainties of some corresponding measurements and the sub-atomic particles were found to follow wavefunction. The concept that matter is sole imposing, and matter and spirit are not related, fell apart as now Mechanical calculations were no longer as functional as they used to be.

This brought our essential question back to the stage in a fresh form. The reliability of matter was questioned and if matter shows no determination and existence is just a probability then what purpose is served by spirit? This shows that there still remain some secrets to be unfolded.

The age of mysticism is no longer there so any final answer has to come from the quarters of Science. Scientists on the other hand have to keep one thing in mind. The secret of the answer to this question lies inside the Human heart. Before looking forward to the results of their experiments, Scientists should help spread the waves of Peace and Harmony across the globe as both spirit and matter responds to Love. In this way the answer will surely uncover itself before our eyes.


Connie L. Nash said...

Wow, such a post deserves a quiet half day! I hope to find such a day and get back because this is certainly one of my top interests...

Thanx so much for taking the time to post this...I would love to hear how you decided to study such material and how you arrived at your reflections...

Sorry not to have more to say until I spend much more time on this post...but I wanted to let you know I am grateful for your posting as I've been for your others.

This line is particularly compelling:
"This shows that there still remain some secrets to be unfolded."

Also, I'd love to hear from you and others how you understand Time and Space in these connections?

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

This is extremely interesting and informative post. The duality is not in body and soul it is in their function. Soul acts, body reacts to that. Body and soul both are matter, but of different kind. Anything that is created is a matter.

There was a time when Sufi mystics use to unleash secrets of life, their focus was not on matter but on other matters, then scientist came and focused themselves only on matter. The new age of knowledge has allowed us to built bridges between various segments of knowledge now there is a scientific and mystic fraternity who are called Sufi scientists or Pragmatic mystics, they believe that without finding unity of everything we would never succeed in solving the mysteries of life and self.

Namrah Mahmood said...

@ Connie
After Einstein discovered that the velocity of light is same for all points in Space, it was proved that Time can not be same everywhere in the Space.
Through a unified co-ordinate system, Physicists have combined space and time. Three dimensions of space (length, height and width) and one other dimension, Time, makes a 4 dimension grid on which 'events' in the Life of a particle are recorded. Every particle is found to be present in 4-Dimensions.
This UNIFIED grid shows that the basis of all Life exists where Time and Space 'supplements' each other and start living another Life i-e of ONENESS.
Similarly spirit has the power to subjugate the matter by 'accepting' it and 'adjusting itself' and the matter to bring about a change or a series of events. This change can then lead the entire society to ONENESS (in the same way as space and time are found to be one) and Love can act as the bond between many souls and their bodies.
The theory of relativity can also teach us how to 'RELATE' our selves to the universe we live in! This can also help reveal a number of other secrets and mysteries of Life.
Please let me know of what u think of the relation of space and time :)
and thanks a lot for liking the post. Your comments always show me new directions to learn from.
Thanks for coming!!

Namrah Mahmood said...

@ Akhtar
Very true that 'The duality is not in body and soul it is in their function.'
And I think that this duality in functions give birth to Life.
Also i feel that the 'Sufi scientists or Pragmatic mystics' u mentioned are needed for the Science to flourish and the Scientists to carry on with their work. Without this 'scientific and mystic fraternity' Science can no longer discover the hidden treasures of the universe and Scientific discoveries and inventions will cease to exist. Not only that, the whole mankind will suffer if such a Unity between Soul and Body is not perceived at the right moment.
Thanks a lot for ur helpful feedback. Thanks for coming!

Connie L. Nash said...

What an outpouring of combined wisdom here....I'm still waiting for that 1/2 day of quiet to arrive here...or I will make this happen. Then I will return to this very same discussion with a few reflections. Again, thank you both so much for being here for such an interaction to occur!

Namrah Mahmood said...

Dear Connie
i will be waiting for ur comment. :)
Take care!

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