Samjhota Express

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Drama Serial Samjhota Express

A patriotic Muslim Indian family is split because of religious prejudice.
Professor Mubin, the head of the family, spent his life teaching harmony and love to his students from various religious backgrounds in Delhi University.
Azhar Mubin, elder son of Prof. Mubin, has to migrate to Pakistan with his wife and daughter because religious discrimination hinders his promotion in his firm and leaves him disheartened.
After three years of their migration, Prof. Mubin journeys to Pakistan to meet his son and grand-daughter, travelling in Samjhota Express on 18th february 2007, but he never reaches Lahore, as there is a blast in the train.
Out of the 68 casualties, 60 were Muslims.
Indian officials declares the involvement of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and Pakistani militants in this incidence but further inquiries by Haryana Police indicates the involvement of an Indian army official, Col. Prohit. 
The investigations are closed as the issue deals with international relations just when the police is about to reach the real culprits.
The pro-secular Indian youth, including Prof. Mubin's younger son Sajjad, and his ex-students from Delhi University  make efforts to reach the terrorists involved and pressurize the Indian govt. to make proper investigations into the matter.

(Above mentioned story is from the drama serial Samjhota Express based on the real event of the burning of the train 'Samjhota Express'.)

Samjhota Express is a serial based on the causes, events and investigations made related to the blowing off of Samjhota Express, a train run by the mutual efforts of Indian and Pakistani governments to bring the people of the two nations closer. Families and pilgrims from both sides of the border made use of the opportunity to intermingle.

Directed by Ali Tahir, written by Naeem Tahir and a Tahir's production, Samjhota Express is a serial based on extensive research, which reveals facts and figures related to the issue that never reached media in their proper shape. Characters are based on the real terrorists and organizations behind the tragedy.

The serial is a perfect piece of journalism with a beautifully woven plot depicting how a fraction of religious extremists,  in order to achieve their petty goals commits such an act of terror, ultimately harming patriotic Indians in the process and souring the Indo-Pak relations.

14 of the episodes have been aired so far. The story now moves on to the inquiries made after the event and will take us to a honest hindu Indian Police officer, Hemant Karkare, who traces the actual forces behind the tragedy not succumbing to the political pressure, but loses his own life in his struggles to help humanity.

A must-watch drama for those interested in Indo-Pak affairs, or those who wish to know facts about the forces behind the blasts in Samjhota Express and how the terrorists are then revealed.

The drama serial is aired on PTV Home every Monday at 07:45 pm.

Naeem Tahir (writer and actor of the serial) wrote an informative article, Samjhota tragedy remembered for Daily Times, where he tells us the story of this tragic incidence.


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