Wednesday, January 18, 2012

There was uncertainty, there was no unity.
Political power lost, social rights taken away.
Destiny not clear, sky without much hopes…
Strength and confidence still resides in some
Such strength only Love can give birth to and foster;
Love cast its spell
The fragrance spread, reaching every nook and corner of garden
And the moment arise when, lost in the charming scent
Flocks move towards one destiny…
Blind faith in the power of Love
Steers their boat towards the shore
Uncertainty vanished as if it never existed
Every breath carrying the trust of the other
A caravan moved, towards an unknown world
But the elegant march showed no signs of fear
Freedom was at hand, freedom to Love
To choose, decide, to practice what is dear
Love is the source, Love is the way
Love is power, Love is what await…

If this is the story of the struggle for Pakistan
The Dawn of 1946 would have found its passionate lovers singing with zeal something similar to ther verses below as their anthem of Love...

یوں کھو گئے تیرے پیار میں ھم
 اب ہوش میں آنا مشکل ہے
 تب آنکھ ملانا مشکل تھا
 اب آنکھ بچانا مشکل ہے 
سانسوں کی مہک سانسوں میں رچے
 جذبات میں اک ہلچل سی مچے
 دھڑکن کے سوا آوآز نہ ہو
 چاہت کے سوا کچھ بھی نہ بچے
یوں خود کو بھلانا مشکل ہے
یوں کھو گئے تیرے پیار میں ھم
دشوار تھے رستے الفت کے
 کاٹے ہیں بڑی ہی مشکل سے
 لے آیا ہے ہم کو شوق جہاں
 اس پیار کی رنگیں منزل سے
 اب لوٹ کے جانا مشکل ہے
قسمت کا لکھا ٹل سکتا ہے
 دریا الٹا چل سکتا ہے
 جم سکتی ہے سورج کی کرن
پانی سے دیا جل سکتا ہے
 پر تجھ کو بھلانا مشکل ہے
یوں کھو گئے تیرے پیار میں ھم

(These are the lyrics of the song You Kho Gayey Tere Pyar Mein from film Afsana)

Probably nothing could relate to their feelings truer than the verses above!!

The trust is bestowed to the lovers of every Times, and every breathe of the lover carries the fragrance of its beloved, in every effort they make...


Namrah Mahmood said...

The song is Youn Kho Gayey Tere Piyar Mein from the film Afsana. Here is the youtube link if its not opening

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Well, I feel as if it is 1946. The youth who are campaigning for Pakistan against all odds are looking back at the path the nation has covered since the days of Sir Syed:

دشوار تھے رستے الفت کے
کاٹے ہیں بڑی ہی مشکل سے
لے آیا ہے ہم کو شوق جہاں
اُس پیار کی رنگیں منزل سے
اب لٰوٹ کے جانا مشکل ہے

There was a time when things were uncertain but by 1946, passion had reached a point of no return.

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Art and literature always in a very subtle manner points towards the glories of past, difficulties of present and aspirations of future, and then shows a new way, a new sensibility and new horizon. This song of film AFSANA as Khurram Sahib expressed is all about our, present and future. And the prelude written by you Namrah is amazing and beautiful.

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

The second last line is پانی سے دیا جل سکتا ھے

tariq mian said...

thank you Khuram

Namrah Mahmood said...

Thanks a lot for ur kind words.
and thank you for the correction. Hope the lyrics are properly spelled now.
Regards :)

Namrah Mahmood said...

Thank you for coming :)

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