Restricting the Boundless

Saturday, December 17, 2011

What are the possibilities of human imaginations and creativity? Has he got the powers to conquer all that he comes across?

This question needs to be answered carefully.
The attempt to restrict the boundaries of human capabilities and weaving fascinations about the unseen, declaring it unconquerable by the powers of a man can have serious results.
Such an endeavor which narrows the range of individual possibilities may end up emanating feeling of powerlessness, decreased self-efficacy, leading to utter hopelessness and a helpless state of mind.
Even a handful of individuals with such an approach can disrupt the natural social life. Social values and norms may take a shape in which the skills of a man are now attributed to the powers of some character of a fanciful world. A time comes when ‘change’ becomes unlawful and every zealous creature is considered a ‘rebel’. Insecurity about the future rises and the commutative social achievements decline.
Further the limited perceptions about man affect the religion too and the sky-soaring messages contained in it are limited to mere practices loaded with calculations.
A time comes when a person, ignorant of his own position in the space of the universe and the role he is meant to play in the destiny of the earth and the skies, not believing that the right of choice, the ability to learn and analyze and the skills to create can position man above all creations, may limit his perceptions about the Creator, be it limiting His attributes, defining some face or form for Him, limiting the vastness of His character, or considering Him in need of small items like food.
The situation reaches a pitfall here, creating confusion as to the origin of man and the nature of the universe and its contents. The skills of man are challenged and the initiating question facing us again, as if left unanswered.
To prevent anarchy, to be able to conquer whatever is contained in the earth and skies, and to be on a closer ties to God, man needs to know his own importance, and develop confidence on the trust which God put on him… something which no mountains could sustain, but man found himself willing to shoulder.


CN said...

What a deep and ultimately hopeful piece you have written here, Namrah, which is JUST the kind of reminder we need in startling and fresh words so apt for each of us and our worlds within OUR ONE WORLD today.

This eloquent yet practical writing does have an unusual way of reminding us all that our truest and most alive spirituality has much more depth and wholeness than mere ritual - as important as that is.

Namrah Mahmood said...

Thanks a lot for your kind words Connie.
Your approach, words and efforts have been contributing to widen my understanding of the material and spiritual world around me.
Every drop entering the ocean helps carving the pearl Keep coming :)

Thinking said...

hmm...I really wanted to take active part in the topic but this topic Namrah is too big for me...

I just want to encourage you to keep thinking and keep sharing.

Namrah Mahmood said...

Thinking thanks for coming to read.
May be my incapacity to choose proper words make the topic seem too big, but the topic is not something we can ignore easily because our identity, position and duties depend on the understanding of it.
Thanks a lot for always being a motivation.

CN said...

Continue your deep and most beautiful work, are on an interesting path indeed...

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