Saturday, January 15, 2011

Freedom was the only code of conduct Saba ever wanted to follow in her life. Her life resembled the voyages of Air, which are without any marked beginning and destination. Like a multi-colored butterfly, she would move from one flower to the other, and would gather all the scents and colors scattered around the garden.

But one day when her black round eyes were busy examining a tiny insect, which had crept silently onto the bosom of the flower of her life, her mind got struck by a thought which turned into a question.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, “What brought this insect close to this flower? I need to know this. I certainly do!” And she steered the boat of her thoughts towards an altogether different and alien direction. Her question fuelled the fire burning inside her and all she wanted now was the answer to her question.

She inquired her heart about it, and found in the chamber of her heart some icons and idols which she had unconsciously borrowed from others. They were residing there for long now, and she could not feel there presence anymore.

“Can you help to solve my query?” she asked the idols.

“You mean us? Oh, certainly we can not. We were not carved by your hand, and we were never built by the clay of your beliefs and thoughts. We are strangers to each other, no matter how close we may live!” was an agonizing response from them.

Saba who once used to consider herself a being enjoying the bounties of Freedom, got disappointed after realizing that in her own heart she had been fostering chains of slavery for quite long. As soon as she realized this, the idols fell to the ground leaving behind only dust and marble.

Saba was astonished at this new definition of Freedom. Life was at a new edge and the chamber of her heart stood empty, creating a vast space inside her. She again changed the direction of her journey, and now she desired to know the true essence of Freedom, as it was dearest to Saba to find independence.

With high aspirations she set out for her new search but for quite a while all she could find was hopelessness around her. The emptiness inside her could not let her bear all this, and she was about to loose her self in the darkness persisting around her, when the arc of her life found a focal-point.

It was a new discovery for her. Someone who longs for freedom finds difficult to revolve round a single point, but the brightness of that point rescued her and gave a new meaning to her life. Once again her life took a turn, and the chamber of her heart got filled with the brightness of that point.

“What are you, and what makes you so enchanting?”

“I am Love and the radiance of truth makes me bright.”

“I was a desperate being, but you made me blissful. Why is that so?”

“You developed a quest, and your self-determination helped you survive. You craved for the truth, and now the encounter with Love soothes you.”

“I feel I do not know what I am looking for. I started with one question, came across something new, and came back full circle to where I started. I cherished freedom, and life has brought me back to my first dream. Can you help me? Perhaps you can tell what freedom is?”

“It is all you have attained on the way. Questioning is freedom. Cleaning your heart of thoughts not belonging to you is freedom, and finally moving around one focal point is freedom”

Saba continued conversing with herself, her surroundings and with her life. Soon the arc of her Life became a complete circle, revolving round the same hub. The focal-point got deeper and deeper every time Saba came up with a new question, shining more intensely. All the scents and colors in the garden came to gather near her, and unconscious of their presence Saba is busy creating more depth to her Life. Now she understands the true essence of Freedom, which is making her life all the more interesting and colorful.


Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Simply a delight to read something that is so poetic, beautifully narrated and extremely sensible.

Thinking said...

hmm...nice post Namrah...

Its always nice to read you...keep up the good work !

Namrah Mahmood said...

@Akhtar and Thinking
Thank you so much for your continuous support. I feel that the readers give life and meaning to writings! So thank you for being there to give meaning to what comes out of my pen.

Amiya chatterjee said...

Somehow it makes me think about the essence of freedom in a different perspective ,away from the old cynical view about " FREEDOM". Sartre would be very much delighted ( ! ) i believe, if ofcourse he was alive.

Namrah Mahmood said...

I feel glad that you found something different in my approach. Thanks for giving it a read.

Connie L. Nash said...

This post is filled with such iridescent understanding. Even beyond that, this is a delight to read even the first "go around" and begs for many more. I envision this as a little book for those with hearts of wonder...children as well as adults. On a mature level it reminds me of an article I just read: "Fire Your Gurus"....

Keep going dear young writer!

Namrah Mahmood said...

Thanks a lot for your kind appreciation dear. Your valuable thoughts are always welcomed on my blog. Plz keep guiding me like you have been doing, through your comments and discussions. :)

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