Review on Biography of IQBAL- Ibtadai daur (till 1904)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Imagine yourself surrounded by an enchanting daybreak in the valley of Kashmir where the mantra of the Brahmans spreads the aura of Love and Harmony. You are Welcomed to a world where you explore the Secrets of Nature embedded in the Life-story of Iqbal as narrated by a pen which has the power to relive the Story as if developments are taking place all around you.

Yes, I m talking about Khurram Ali Shafique’s  
Biography of Iqbal Part 1 “Ibtadai-Daur (till 1904)”.

Before embarking onto an enthralling Voyage, the Contents page declares that there are nine stations or stages to be covered before the reader finds itself arriving towards the end of the First out of a Total of Six Parts of a captivating experience. And as indicated in the Preface every ‘station’ holds a hidden message ready to get revealed as the journey of the reader proceeds.
The flow of Time takes a backward turn and the story begins from the time when the early ancestors of Iqbal would greet a newborn Day with hymn for the one who brought that day upon them. 15th century saw the conversion of some of these ancestors to Islam and the end of 18th century brought a family of them to the plains of Punjab.
Nature plans and the whole of the World positions itself in a way as to make perfect arrangements in order to assist the growth and advancement that was to be witnessed by the soul of Iqbal. The impact of Sir Syed’s Aligarh Movement on the society where Iqbal opened his eyes, and the personality of Mir Hassan, one of Iqbal’s early teachers and guide soon take over the imagination spectrum of the reader.
Historic and Literary developments continue to take place at the same time and if while reading this the readers develop such a feeling that they are trapped watching a 3-D Film, the book will not let this impression vanish.
The book comprehensively describes effects of any social or religious movements that took place around Iqbal and the direct or indirect influences it had on his Ideas.
The world of Iqbal grows and along with him the understanding of the Reader about Iqbal’s skills and the efforts of those who nurtured him, also develops. The book closely follows every major Cognitive development that took place in Iqbal and gives a clear picture of the events that led to their happening.

The Biography of Iqbal Part 1 “Ibtadai-Daur (till 1904)” is not just the life story of a single individual, it’s a track of all the major historic, social and cognitive revolutions that took place in the collective conscious of the society where Iqbal lived, and the impact they had on the psyche and vision of Iqbal. The truths of nature gets glimpsed here and there, and one may notice that the ‘reconstruction’ of Islamic thought and of Indian-Muslim culture is taking place as the society moves on from Shah WaliUllah and Ghalib to Sir Syed, Hali and Shibli Naumani and gets influenced by their viewpoints; and the same society is also nourishing Iqbal in its bosom so that further contributions can be made in uniting the Muslims as a Single nation and providing directions for them to follow.
The book can help us identify with the course that our ancestors underwent in order to carve out a place for us so that we can stand side by side to the other nations of the world. It can also assist individuals in their search for the secrets of life and to embark on a journey within. Truly it is a book not to be missed.

At the end I thank Khurram Ali Shafique heartily for writing such a marvel and introducing all of us to the life of Iqbal, taking into account all the aspects of history and society in such a novel way that the reader becomes part of every development that is taking place in the world of Iqbal.


Thinking said...


Namrah Mahmood said...

hope u liked the review Thinking, and thanks for dropping by :)

Hayder Sarfraz said...

the review makes me want to read the book!!!

urooj malik said...

Namrah, you have just given a beautiful and explained review, I had the same feelings when I read the two book of the series of this biography, "Ibtidai daur" and "Tashkeeli daur". In this biography Sir Khurram has followed the real idea for writing a biography that "Every usual and unusual, good or bad incident is important of that time to describe and understand the personality development". Readers throughout reading the biography observed that development in Iqbal's life and thoughts.

You will even enjoy "Tashkeeli daur" more than this as it has more dimensions described of Iqbal's life. I hope, we will soon get another beautiful review on "Tashkeeli daur". Thank you for this.

Namrah Mahmood said...

Do read it, because it grasps all your attention and leaves u feeling as if u have entered the world of Iqbal :) Thanks for dropping by!

Namrah Mahmood said...

Thanks a lot dear, i just tried to convey how the book appeared to me and am glad to know that it had a similar effect on u :)
And i have just started reading the second part "Tashkeeli Daur" and inshallah as soon as i finish it, i will try to share my feelings regarding that book also.
Thanks for reading the review and deciding to comment :)

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

An excellent review on an exceptional book, IQBAL biography is a trend setting book on the art of biography.

Namrah Mahmood said...

@ Akhtar
Thank you very much for appreciating the review and no doubt about the book. I still feel that this review has not done complete justice in highlighting many aspects of the book!
Thanks for taking out time to read.

Connie L. Nash said...

I so agree with you all...

For quite awhile now, I've been quite informed by and even enthralled by the Biography...I took it with me on my trip by train and bus to Aafia's trial and back - sharing with many along the glad about quiet moments to read it...

Not long ago I tho't I'd misplaced or given it away and knew it would be so complicated to get another...

And when it turned up, I experienced a great deal of gladness.

I've spent many hours reading this beautiful and challenging book - so well-written in terms of both clarity and what has been chosen for inclusion...

And I know I will keep returning to this master-piece.

Namrah Mahmood said...

Love your comment Connie :)

Especially the part "For quite awhile now, I've been quite informed by and even enthralled by the Biography..."
The same goes for me. One finds new horizons in every page and every passage of the book...

And your words "so well-written in terms of both clarity and what has been chosen for inclusion..." precisely and accurately describes the book.
Thank you for your beautiful comment!!

Connie L. Nash said...

So, now, Namrah, we can remember one another as sisters spreading the word on this Bio as well as enjoying the feast. Somehow, I'm imagining getting my "act" together to share the Iqbal Bios at upcoming events...

Namrah Mahmood said...

Sometimes we come across certain things which has the tendency to Unite people and bring hearts closer. This book has surely done the same :)
And I highly regard ur thoughts about sharing "the Iqbal Bios at upcoming events..."
Thanks a lot for ur lovely comment dear!!

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