Crescent and the shining Star!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Land where ideas blossoms to become flowers of reality, sustaining the stream of Life, and growing up each day as fresh thoughts unfolds themselves, came into existence in the shape of Pakistan, and the aim to unveil the deeper truths in Life adopted as the constitution.


Securing the freedom of bringing one’s ideas into practice, the Land promised every soul an environment where it can bloom to its full, and bring to light all the talents and capabilities possessed by it, benefiting Humanity from the bounties of Nature.


However the winds grew more violent and obstacles came in the way to the Progress. The seedling of values experienced dry seasons and scorching Sun, receiving lessons of enduring hardships and exhibiting Patience. The few small leaves it bore, initially lost their color but later they learnt to cope with the new circumstances, showing resistance and thus in the upcoming seasons of more hardships, they learnt their lesson that

"Time’s revolutions have one goal,

To show you what is your own soul."

The experience of winds and thunders helped the Nation to Unite at a single point, achieving the inner harmony and unity which was the utmost desire of the Land. Draped with the beauties of its ideology and charms of its values the Land is inviting every soul of the Nation to get colored in its fashion, acquiring its philosophies and beliefs. The quest to know and uncover the secrets of Nature then found its way to the Heart of the Nation.

“But now a new world is being born, while this old one sinks out of sight of men”


With the Union between the Land and the Nation comes the fusion of energies which has the capability of spreading its light and fragrance far and deep into the Universe, achieving for humanity an intimate contact with the ‘secrets and mysteries’ held by the Nature, resulting in the formation of a new World where curtains of Time and Space are no longer as thick as before.

To achieve this Union, and to solve the Mysteries of Life, to exercise fully the
essence of the Ideals that led to the creation of this ‘Land of Pure’, and the conception of a new World needs every soul to stand upright against any odd, with Faith that doubt can never surmount, and determination that never knows any weakness. Reaching the core of Universe to look for Truths that are held by Life call for such a Man as

"That man will still keep his lantern burning, however tempests blow strong and cold,

Whose soul is centered on high, whose temper the Lord has cast in the royal mould."


With the Flag of Hopes flying High, I dedicate this post as a Birthday Gift for Pakistan. May we never let the torch, given to us by our leaders, extinguish and let the darkness fell. May our Land and Nation continue to sustain each other for Ever and may we achieve all the dreams that we cherish, very soon.


ReeBz said...

What a poetic prose, beautiful and meaningful.Seems it came from the pen of a professional writer :)
Keep up the good work.

Namrah Mahmood said...

Thanks a lot for the compliments Reebz!! :)
and i think its Love that keeps ur pen moving!! Thanks for coming and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! :)

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Amazing, astute and engaging assent of a Pakistani from the genesis of the nation to the toiling, obscuring and ragged evolution that leads to an ideal man an inhabitant that was envisaged as the ultimate goal of this sacred land.

This is a beautifully told tale of a journey of the remarkable people of Pakistan.

Namrah Mahmood said...

@ Akhtar
Thank you so much for liking the post!
and its the beauty of the Pakistanis that get glimpsed herein! Credit goes to Pakistan :)
Thanks for coming!

Amiya chatterjee said...

I see devotion and dedication !

Thinking said...

hmm...what a poetic post and I admired the way you went through the whole post...

Your pen seem to have extra energy while writing such post...and dear this is our Beloved Country...which gave us enegry and courage to ask for it and now again asking for sacrifies....

hmmm....I have become so excited to read the post

Namrah Mahmood said...

Thank you so much dear friend!
And I agree with your words... it is LOVE which has helped us on the trying roads of our national life. Love bound us together and we were able to move along together... Scarifices are part of Love, and true Love never culminates in destruction or disappointments. We should remain hopeful for the bright days are not far! :)

Thanks for coming to the blog... Keep coming dear!

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