Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A place of happenings is the World. Anything and everything can happen, and it is this uncertainty that adds color to Life. All of us make assumptions about what is going to happen tomorrow, but no one is certain, no one can claim to actually prophesize the future.
But at times this suspense can become a reason for hopelessness, depression and a conflict within soul. This conflict, if given importance, can burn the Garden of Love and create a Fire of Hatred out of it.
Now the question arises, how to deal with the growing curiosity one has within oneself about the coming days?
One possible answer can be to consider the result of one particular event a small part of a large Whole of Time. This can help us brush off our fears and move forward into the unknown with a new found zeal and zest. By perceiving one particular event in such way we show due respect to the Whole and try hard to make it better, instead of just focusing only on small parts. In this way we are able to enjoy the Beauties of tomorrow in a better way, so that we may welcome yet another beautiful tomorrow.


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